UPDATE: Random Pixels – Moon over Sebastian

SEBASTIAN – Usually waiting for the Christmas Parade in Sebastian to get to us is as exciting as watching paint peel.

But, this year, we had an awesome full moon to entertain the crowd. There were also some clouds to make it more dynamic.

“It looks like a top hat,” one parade watcher said.

And with them being near the bank of the lagoon, the night was even more magical. Plus, I had a cute 2-year-old yelling and signing “moon!”

Until she saw “SANTA!”

VERO BEACH — Now that the moon has risen on the last Vero Beach High football game, I find myself sitting here on a Friday feeling odd that the season is over yet again.

Here is a shot I took before the game Nov. 7. I’m reminded of it because tonight is another full moon. It should make for a nicely lit time for the Vero Beach and Sebastian Christmas parades.

Have you ever photographed the moon? Share your photos of the full moon with other readers here if you’d like.

Around a decade ago, I purchased a moon print from a person who makes a living out of such photos. The detail is phenomenal. The photographer told me he had a van and a device that allowed him to track the moon’s orbit. Now that is dedication to the craft. I merely like the composition of this .

Happy holidays, and have a fun and safe night tomorrow (howling optional.)

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