Random pixels: Wade fishing and a close call with camera gear

Recently I’ve taken up wade fishing, and until this last trip, I was more paranoid of shark and alligators than my camera getting drenched. 

Yes, I’m from the Midwest, and being out in the water freaks me out if I can’t see what made that whoosh with a tail. Especially after writing up the alligator story from Sebastian recently where the gator ate everything but the head of a pit bull. Then there’s my friend’s story about when he was documenting manatees and had a bull shark buzz him.

But that all went to the back of my mind when the muck almost made me go in the drink as I tried to move. I always have at least a point and shoot on me, and my phone. Both might have been toast, but I was able to grab my pole that was in a sand spike (pole holder).

Thankfully, I got a pair of chest waders, instead of the hip waders I was using and now I’ll have less of a chance of drenching the camera/phone. Or I could just leave them in the car and cut the cord for a few hours.

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