CAMERA: Photographing the everyday moments

Sometimes you just have to take time to photograph a snail.

During another cool morning, I sat down at my computer to start my day and looked out onto my patio. There they were, a snail invasion. Not too concerned, I grabbed my point and shoot and started to take a photo of one scaling the screen.

Photographers received some sad news today. Canon will no longer be making point and shoot cameras that are affordable. Because, the articles hinted at, that everyone has smart phones and that Canon has given up the ghost. I enjoy having an actual camera on my belt that isn’t a phone, especially because my cell is company property. But, I suppose I am the minority in the country when it comes to still owning a point and shoot.

Recently, I took it out to take a photo during a fishing trip. One of my friends was amazed that I had a “camera.” Personally, I wouldn’t want to get my phone smelling like fish, but each to their own.

Back to the snail, it’s little moments like this that make up our lives. Sometimes you just have to photograph the snail.

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