BUZZ: I declare America fat again, and resolutions laid to waste

I didn’t think it would be this soon, but I’ve already noticed an uptick on unhealthy recipes being shared on social media feeds. We all couldn’t at least at make it to the Super Bowl?!?!?

Of course, I say that after eating a piece of left over dessert for breakfast.

This morning just shocked me though. The first pins on Pinterest that caught my eye: kitchen sink crispy treats, S’mores pizza, candied bacon butter, churro cheesecake bars, chocolate crescent cookies, and dark chocolate… not to mention a plethora of nicely designed cakes. One could jump to the conclusion, oh, a person just went nuts and pinned all of these. Not the case, the tasty treats were shared by five people.

Not one pin about exercise or healthy eating. Oh wait, the one about dark chocolate said it was ok because it has “fat-busting properties.”

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