The Bonz: Mr. Gadley is the goldenDUDE of Summerplace

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — As most of you who read my column know, I am not a fan of the designer-canine club. But I will acknowledge a goldendoodle is not like a silly little hybrid you can carry around in your purse.

“I’m a happy-go-lucky, rambunctious everyday pupster, Bonzo!” Mr. Gadley, a 72-pound goldendoodle told me when we met. “Being named a goldendoodle only means I’ve got the smarts of a poodle and the lovability of a golden.”

“I like the way you think, Mr. Gadley,” I said.

Mr. Gadley, 3, lives with his human parents Annette and Phil Watson in Summerplace.

“Hey Bonzo,” Mr. Gadley said, “I sure would love it if you called me a goldenDUDE instead of a goldendoodle. And you can drop the ‘Mr.’ too.”

“Sure buddy,” I said. “What’s up with your name anyway?”

“Well, you see, Bonzo,” Galdey explained. “My humans are from England and speak with a bit more formality. Hmm. Guess I missed the memo when it was sent out to English springer spaniels.”

“Is ‘Gadley’ also an English name?” I asked.

“I have no idea,” Gadley said. “But when my humans lived in England, my mom’s favorite place to walk was called ‘Gadley Lane.’ Mom and dad even had a sign made, which hangs on the outside shed that says, ‘Gadley Lane leading out to Coco Plum Lane.’

“But enough small yapping,” Gadley said. “Let’s play. My kitty roomie Princess Boudicca is too busy ruling our house and never wants to play. I know you’re here to play with me, Bonz.”

“I can’t right now, Gadley,” I said. “I’m here to interview you for my pet column.”

“You sound like my humans, Bonzo,” Gadley said with a pout. “I can’t clean up Princess Boudicca’s dish, I can’t stick my head in the open refrigerator and I can’t greet strangers by jumping up to put my paws on their shoulders and giving them a kiss.”

“I feel your pain Gadley,” I said, “Let’s yap about the things your parents say you can do.”

“Ok,” Gladley said perking up. “When we go to the beach, I get to run free like a maniac with my ears flapping in the wind. Then I haul myself into the ocean followed by a good roll in the sand. Heavenly.”

“Wow. Sounds like something I would do,” I said.

“The beach is also the best when my other dog buddies are there to chase around,” Gadley added. “And during football season I get to watch the game with my dad laying in my own recliner.”

Wow! Gladley has his own recliner?

This is one lucky goldendoodle.

Till next time,

The Bonz

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