The Bonz: John’s Island royalty – Princes William and Harry

INDIAN RIVER SHORES — When I heard two young princes actually lived in John’s Island, my jaw dropped.

But then I met Prince William and Prince Harry, and they turned out not to be British royalty but 3-month-old shih-poo brothers who live with their human mom, Mary Daly.

Mary lost her beloved husband, Spencer, and her Tibetan terrier Abby in 2013. But not one to be consumed with sadness and grief, Mary decided it was time to get another dog buddy.

“Mom answered an ad in the newspaper about Harry and me,” Willy told me. “At the time, although Harry and I didn’t know any better, we were living in a crummy place with all kinds of dog commoners.”

“That’s right, Bonzo,” Harry piped in. “The lady who had us took Willy and me to meet mom outside so mom couldn’t see what was going on inside.”

“Mom fell in love with us on the spot as we did with her,” Willy said. “Mom knew she had to get us out of there, so Harry and I got in our little apartment and drove with mom to our new forever home.”

“When we arrived at our new home, Willy and I realized what we had been missing,” Harry said. “Wowsa, our new home was pawsome. Mom put me on the grass outside to do my business. I had never seen or felt grass before and didn’t know what I was supposed to do. But when I saw the pool, I just had to take a dip. I jumped right in and started paddling around.”

“It looked wonderful, Bonzo,” Willy said. “So I jumped in the pool right after Harry. It was so much fun that mom got in the pool, too.”

“Oh Willy,” Harry said rolling his eyes. ”Mom didn’t join us for fun. She was worried we would drown. That’s why she took us out of the pool.”

“But Harry,” Willy said, “Mom gave us such a lovely bath afterwards.”

“Sounds like a great new beginning for the two of you.” I said.

“Well, duh, Bonz,” Harry said, “Obviously we are royalty and mom knew it. Mom even got Willy and me a penthouse to replace our little apartment. It’s all decked out with a fleece carpet, our toys and a bathroom. Since Willy and I are still pupsters, we nap a lot and now we nap in luxury.”

“So, when you guys aren’t napping in your penthouse, what else do you do?” I asked.

“We play of course, Bonz,” Harry said. “Our penthouse is in our gated kitchen which is our playground. We chase each other while squeaking our chew toys, and roll over on the floor biting each other’s ears. We love to entertain mom and make her laugh.

“We also go on walks a few times a day. Willy and I are so regal and good-looking that we stop traffic. It’s important to carry out our royal duties and greet our public appropriately.”

“Speaking of your duties, Harry,” I said, “isn’t it hard to live up to being a prince?”

“Not when my namesake is Prince Harry,” Harry said with a mischievous grin. “I keep mom on her toes.”

“And I make sure to shower mom with kisses and snuggles,”“ Willy said.

Good to know this all has worked out well.

Till next time,

The Bonz

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