The Bonz: Zeus and Mr. B give a big shout out to those who rescue pets

SEBASTIAN — Usually, dog buddies start emails to me by introducing themselves. But an email this week from Zeus, a 3-year-old black lab, and Mr. B, an 8-year-old collie, began: “We’d like to thank our human parent’s Lew and Liane Kurrle because they are so special.”

“Bonzo, the thing we appreciate about our family,” Zeus told me when we met, ”is our humans rescue their pet buddies.”

“Cool,” I said. “So who came to live with your humans first?”

“I did,” Zeus said. “Mom was contacted by a nice lady who owned the Miami shelter I was in.

“Mom and dad had just lost their other black lab dog buddy,” Zeus continued, “but their daughter Krystin had just moved back home with her two little humans and their two rescue dogs, Mai Mai and Gizmo. Then there is Krystin’s sister, Allina. Mom told the lady it would depend on how I got along with everyone.

“The lady drove me all the way up to Sebastian anyway,” Zeus said. “I remember mom was mowing the lawn when I got out of the truck. All mom had to do was look into my big brown eyes to know we were meant to be together. And of course, the little humans and Mai Mai and Gizmo loved me right away. Bonzo, I was home.”

“Pawsome,” I said. “How about you, Mr. B?”

“Well, Bonzo, one day dad was reading the paper and saw an ad for me from the Humane Society in Vero Beach. In the ad it said my name was Mr. Basil. Who names a collie Mr. Basil? Was I supposed to answer that?

“Mom and dad changed my name to Mr. B., which is much more appropriate,” he continued. “Anyway, Zeus and I are so happy to both finally be home.”

“Sounds like things have worked out well for you guys,” I said.

“ To t a l l y,” Zeus said. “But Mr. B has to lighten up a little. I’m trying to teach Mr. B how to play with toys and how to enjoy a good lap around the pool.

“My favorite thing to do while in the pool is to pretend like I’m a lifeguard on Baywatch. I doggy paddle around my humans and get them to swim towards the stairs. But, only with the girls of course.”

“Look, Bonzo,” Mr. B said interrupting. “I’m eight years old. Zeus is still a pupster. I’ve grown out of playing with toys and I’m not a water dog like he is.”

“See what I mean, Bonz?” Zeus asked.

I’m not getting in the middle of this. These two guys are big.

“Well, we do agree on this, Bonzo,” Mr. B said. “We are a rescue family and very proud of it. If any humans are looking for a pet buddy, check your shelters before deciding to buy one. Mom always says you shouldn’t have to pay for love.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Till next time,

The Bonz

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