BUZZ: January 1st, when social media turns from cookies to crunches

Now that I’ve been on Pinterest for a while, I’ve seen an interesting tide that reflects our holiday culture. I’m talking about when the country turns away from sweets and starts to sweat.

Just taking a moment and scanning the boards today I saw an absent amount of “junk” food and tasty pastries. Not a kroughnut to be found.

Instead, they have been replaced with “10 Hairstlyes for the gym,” and how to take care of your feet when running, – the second I could use, but the first not so much.

Also, as we get into 2014, I’m waiting on the onslaught of resolutions. I myself will just start training for the next holiday season so I don’t have to shed too many pounds to stay in my jeans.

So, are you still eating treats? Or have you switched to greens?

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