Advanced Placement report confirms outstanding Saint Edward’s test results

VERO BEACH — When it comes to being prepared for college level work one program puts high school students to the test – the Advanced Placement (AP) Program.

AP exams are specifically designed to measure a student’s ability to undertake college level courses. Eighty-six percent (86%) of the students taking AP courses at Saint Edward’s School achieved a score of 3 or more on their 2011 AP exams according to a report recently made available from the College Board. Comparatively, 48% of Florida students achieved a 3 or better on the exam while 60 percent of students taking AP exams across the globe achieved scores of 3 or better.

Saint Edward’s students have outperformed their global peers on the AP exams for the last five years and have made gains every year while the percent of students scoring a 3 or better globally, and in Florida, declined. The Advanced Placement exam measures a student’s knowledge of subject matter taken after they have completed the college level coursework taught by Saint Edward’s faculty.

“Saint Edward’s test results demonstrate the ability of our faculty to provide Advanced Placement curricula at the highest levels starting in grade 9,” said Advanced Studies Program Director, Terence Mitchell. “Our Advanced Placement courses are open to any student enrolled at Saint Edward’s so we do not pre select our students. We are consistently proud of our AP test scores, especially since all students taking AP courses at Saint Edward’s are required to take the exam.”

“Students at Saint Edward’s school,” Mr. Mitchell added, “have an incredible opportunity to choose from an extensive array of Advanced Placement course work within every discipline.” Students at Saint Edward’s tackle Advanced Placement courses in diverse areas such as college-level Chemistry, Calculus, European History, Literature, Macroeconomics, World Languages, and Music Theory.

“Saint Edward’s students achieved an extraordinary 43% increase over the average percent of students performing at this level globally,” said Head of School Mike Mersky. “They are undoubtedly performing at the highest level as a result of outstanding Saint Edward’s faculty, teaching solid curriculum in small classes. These are students who have the skills to help America compete globally in the years ahead. Saint Edward’s achieving a 79% increase over the average percentage of students performing at this level in Florida speaks volumes about the

need for quality education. Through financial aid programs and the help of donors, we can make this education affordable to many more children on the Treasure Coast and proudly lead the State forward in producing highly-qualified graduates. That is what Saint Edward’s is about.”

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