Intrepid Art Gallery opens Art Sonata in 3D Minor exhibition

On Thursday, May 26 at 6 pm the Intrepid Art Gallery at Pelican Plaza in Vero Beach will celebrate is third Opening Solo Exhibition, “Art Sonata in 3D Minor” with mixed media artist David Diaz. 

On June Saturday June 18 at 5 pm the Intrepid Art Gallery will celebrate with a special performance event at the beach at Vero Beach Surf Hotel  to close the exhibition.  

A self-taught artist, Diaz’ work has been able to evolve without the influence of “proper” techniques or certain styles.  Inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, this influence is most evident in his earlier works, combining the use of vibrant colors with surreal and abstract subject matters.

Most of his paintings are inspired by events of everyday life. Some are inspired by dreams others are inspired by tragic or dramatic events.  At their core, Diaz challenges the viewer to think outside the box, to step beyond the comfort zone and experience the realm of uncertainty.

The use of raw and crude material in more recent paintings is used as the foundation of the painting.  A grotesque object adorned with vibrant shades and colorful hues.  A combination of opposites layered together to form a unique and beautiful work which is call “DZart.”

It is important for Diaz to challenge a viewer not only through the perception of vision but also on all senses.

For more information, call 772-913-1122

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