BUZZ: Sneezing panda, zombie love, and IHOP

It always amazed me how big sneezes come from such small creatures – or people for that matter. Have you ever seen a panda sneeze? Check out the first video.

I know it’s not Halloween yet but the zombie love song just was like a train wreck in a good way, you just can’t turn it off. Speaking of love, under Social Media News you’ll read about finding relationships via social media.

As far as quotes go, here’s another five quality posts.

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Top YouTube Videos:

The Sneezing Baby Panda –

Zombie Love Song –

Social Media News:

Social media to build relationships –

All of Facebook’s Like Buttons on Third-Party Sites Now Publish a Full News Feed Story –


“A dog will love you more then your wife… Don’t believe me? Lock both in the trunk of your car for an hour then see which one will be happy to see you. Lmao!”

“My life is like that IHOP bottomless pot of coffee. My cup runneth over.”

“Clicking my heels together…3 times…nothing.”

“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me about ‘trickle-down economics’ …”

“I have decided to be spontaneous tomorrow.”


NYC homeless man finds daughter through Twitter –

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