Jersey Mike’s serves more than subs for Gifford Youth Activity Center

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY – The sandwich shop is located in Vero Beach but it’s reach is much farther than the city.

For the last few weeks, Jersey Mike’s Subs has been opening its doors to numerous charities and non-profits for a few hours, giving back to them 15 percent of the proceeds during that time. Tuesday evening, it was the Gifford Youth Activity Center’s turn.

“I see what they’re doing for underprivileged kids in a rough area,” said Dale Driver, marketing manager of Jersey Mike’s.

Driver explained that Gifford community leader Freddie Woolfork approached him about holding a fund-raiser for the center.

“That was like a dream of mine – to help kids,” Driver said.

For three hours Tuesday evening, employees crafted sandwiches and dished up chips and other goodies to customers – knowing that a portion of their night’s sales would go back to the community.

“We’re just trying to give back a little bit,” Store Manager Anthony Nigito said, adding, “Customers are how we make our money, and we want to help them..”

The store routinely has fund-raising nights, typically for three hours on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The donations made to the night’s charity ranges from $100 to $200 – depending on the number of customers who come in.

Nigito said that they do their part – it’s up to the non-profit to help spread the word about the event.

“The more people through the door, the more we can help,” he said.

Nationwide, Jersey Mike’s Subs corporation has launched a “$1 Million Giveaway” initiative, encouraging its franchisees to give back to the community.

Driver said that the company has a different outlook on business than other companies.

“It’s about food and fellowship,” Driver said.

The community give-back continues Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m., benefiting the 20th Avenue Christian Learning Center.

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