BUZZ: What’s the buzz in our communities?

Bzzzzz…..If you’re addicted to social media (in a good way) this is the blog for you. Part of the work I do for Vero News is monitoring and networking our content and sifting through social media feeds for story/photo/video ideas.Along the way I see and view a lot of crazy material. In this blog I’ll share quotes from twitter and facebook. Don’t worry, I’m not going to out anyone. If it’s vulgar it won’t be found here either.I’ll also share videos, links, and social media news on this blog.Happy clicking.***Top Crazy post:I love my Canon camera but really?!?!?! – How to prove your loyalty to Canon “Mom, I love you more than…potato salad.””I just awakened from a dream where I helped repair a red sleigh for some ones’ birthday.””Just failed my 8 a.m. Mommy Quiz — I regrettably do not know, before coffee anyway, all the names of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park III. Hopefully I can redeem myself later in the day.””My 17 yr old just got home so I am a happy camper!!! And he is not drunk or high!!!””I would rather reach for the stars, Then at least I know That I could never end up with dirt on my hands.”From Twitter:I’ll take two – Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club – Vero Beach, Florida – $12,500,000 USD, It’s Cold Inside: One Man’s Search for the Perfect Ice Cube: Being serious about drinking means being seri…

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