Christmas comes early to Gifford with celebration, food handouts

GIFFORD–Christmas came a little early to Gifford Saturday with two events meant to lift spirits and help stretch a dollar.

“We’re going to do something,” Christmas in Gifford organizer Wanda Mosley Scott said, addressing a crowd a couple hundred strong. “We’re not just going to sit back.”

Christmas in Gifford is an annual event that the community’s businesses put together – providing an opportunity for children to receive gifts and reinforce moral values and respect, according to community leader Freddie Woolfork.

“Many of these kids come from broken families,” he said, adding that they might not have been taught right from wrong.

Fellow community supporter Kenny Holmes said that it was great to see the community turn out to the event, noting that he was seeing many new faces as well.

Holmes said the event is meant to help fill the gap between what parents can and cannot provide for their children come Christmas.

Their’s was not the only such Christmas event.

Around the corner, at Kingdom Church of Jesus, hundreds of people lined up to get bags of food and clothes and toys.

“I thank God for it,” said Yolanda Love, who was able to take home apples, a chicken dinner and other food items. “It helps a whole lot. It shows people care about us.”

The event was part of the Feed Everyone program, which hands out food to the needy every other Saturday. This Saturday’s event, though, also included free turkeys, extra food items, clothes and other gifts to help with Christmas celebrations.

“It means a lot to me,” said recipient Tanisha Brown. “I really appreciate it. It’s a blessing.”

Fellow recipient Mary Taylor thanked the organizers of the event, saying that many of the community’s children are hungry and do not have enough food – and still others would not have had anything for Christmas.

As a recovering addict who has gone back to school to get a degree, Taylor said she was grateful for the opportunity to meet others who are also struggling.

“It’s a blessing from God,” Taylor said.

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