VISUAL BLOG: Frozen fingers keeping you from shooting?

Shooters it’s cold outside, not that I have to tell you, I’m sure your heat is kicking on right now. Don’t let that stop you from shooting your favorite outdoor subjects. It’s that time of year that I’d rather be shooting a basketball game than a soccer game because of the frigid temperatures. I’m sure all of my colleagues in Indiana are laughing to the point they scare the mice in their newsrooms that have come in from the cold.

I remember when I was shooting one of the last football games in Indiana of the season wearing a parka and it was snowing. Now I get cold if it dips below 70 degrees.

Even then I knew, to make great photos your hands can’t be cold. It’s a little hard to press the shutter button or use the autofocus when you can’t feel it.

But, there is a solution.

In the beginning I just had a pair of gardening gloves that I cut a hole in the fingertip. For a little more money you can buy something much better. Check out this webpage for options:

So the next time you think it’s too cold to go outside and shoot, ask Santa for a pair of these gloves and go and enjoy the day.

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