Vero Beach Police one of first to use new, better child alert system

VERO BEACH — The Vero Beach Police Department is one of the first law enforcement agencies in the State of Florida utilizing a new alert system to help locate missing children.

The alert system, called Help Find Kids provides law enforcement the ability to instantly inform the public with details of a missing child. This includes multiple images, video and a satellite map of the missing child’s area. In addition, the alert can include information of any suspects involved with the missing child.

The system’s computer application allows law enforcement agencies worldwide to quickly enter the information related to the missing child, and then with just a click of a button, an alert is broadcast to personal computers and Smart phones within 100 miles of the agency.

Help Find Kids is a voluntary partnership between local law enforcement and nearby citizens, which enables the public in the vicinity of the missing child to be on the lookout.

Help Find Kids was engineered for localized, instant alert distribution and it simply enhances the current national Amber alert system.

Because this system works worldwide, it is extremely important that anyone having access to a computer or Smartphone downloads this simple alert button. No matter where you may travel there is a chance that you might receive this up to date information and identify a child in danger. Media sources are also strongly encouraged to download the application.

How does the public get the alerts?

Persons wishing to receive alerts can easily go to the website at, where they can choose to download the application and add a browser add-on button to their internet home page or Smartphone. The add-on button is a small orange cross. When an alert is broadcast, a pop up window will display on the computer or Smartphone screen, alerting the user of the missing child. That is all there is to it!

The system is offered absolutely free to all law enforcement agencies and citizens. There is no registration required and there is no tracking software attached to determine who you are.

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