Impact 100 Invites More Women to Join

VERO BEACH — The Membership Kick-off Breakfast for Impact 100 is scheduled for Friday, November 12 at the Community Church in Vero Beach beginning with registration at 8:30 a.m.; the breakfast and program will follow at 9 a.m.  Reservations are required at $20 a person. Checks should be made out to IRCF/Impact 100 and mailed to: Impact 100 Breakfast, P.O. Box 643968, Vero Beach, FL 32964.

Wendy Steele, founder and first president of Impact 100 Cincinnati, Ohio, will be the keynote speaker.  She has vast experience as a leader in the field of women’s philanthropy and as a senior banking executive. She is now the owner and CEO of an industrial products company. Under Steele’s leadership more than $1.6 million was raised for the Greater Cincinnati community. Her work has been featured in a number of local, regional and national media outlets including Fortune Small Business Magazine, People Magazine, Women’s Enterprise and on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. The Impact 100 model is being replicated in several cities throughout the nation, bringing more than $10.5 million to people in need since 2005.

When the founding women of Impact 100 set their goals in place in the down economy of 2008 they were still confident that the group could make a difference in the community. After all, 100 committed and determined women contributing $1000 each would result in a $100,000 transformational grant available to a deserving non-profit…and who’s going to tell 100 women that they can’t do something?

Little did they know that their membership would grow beyond 100 savvy women; elevating their contribution level to $437,000 in 24 months,   providing them with solid credentials that not only back up their promises but establishes Impact 100 as one of the area’s most prolific , worthwhile and meaningful charitable organizations. Four Indian River County charities have been the recipients of the Impact 100 grants.

In 2009, The Treasure Coast Food Bank’s Backpack program was awarded $102,500. This agency provides back-pack food for children to take home for the weekend; children who otherwise would not have enough food to sustain them for that time period.

The Exchange Club was also awarded $102,500 that year, and their grant went to their CASTLE Program for the purchase of a new child abuse building in downtown Vero. The Family Service Center will provide parenting classes, support groups, as well as assessment and referral.

In 2010, two grant recipients were selected by a majority vote and $116,000 was awarded to each of them.

Harvest Food and Outreach Center used their award money toward the build-out of the Life Enrichment Center, a 30,000 square foot building on 28th Street. The Center will provide four life-changing programs to help break the cycle of poverty.

Another recipient, Childcare Resources of Indian River, used their grant award to create the Infant Suite in their new Education Center.

Impact 100 members have successfully tackled the most heart-felt causes in our community, from hunger and child abuse, to infant and toddler childcare programs.

President Laura McDermott has issued a call for additional women to join the group. “We’re searching for more community conscious women to join our ranks. The result is not only an impact in desperately needed capital funds for deserving charities, but an individual satisfaction that each member plays a significant vital part in the betterment of our community,” she explains.

Kendra Haines, who joined last year said, “I’ve found that the Impact 100 organization is the most efficient of any charity organization I’ve ever been associated with.  It’s 100 percent member- driven and every penny goes to the non-profits. I’m so glad I joined. It’s absolutely wonderful to see the end results with a substantial contribution that makes a tremendous difference.”

A video presentation at the meeting will highlight some of the achievements since the group’s inception to help prospective determine whether Impact 100 is a good fit for them.  Current members will have the opportunity to sign up once again.

Reservations for the Kickoff Breakfast are required at $20 a person.

Checks should be made out to IRCF/Impact 100 and mailed to: Impact 100 Breakfast, P.O. Box 643968, Vero Beach, FL 32964.

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