Sebastian kids to have swinging, sliding good time at Hardee Park

SEBASTIAN – Children living near Hardee Park can soon expect to have a playground to explore while their parents workout on the exercise trail.

The city’s parks and recreation committee has selected playground equipment that will include a couple slides, a climbing apparatus and more – and still leave enough money in the budget for a swing set nearby. The Parks and Recreation Department has $25,000 in its budget allocated for Hardee Park. Last month, the committee was asked to choose between a playground and revamping the walking/jogging trail.

The committee opted to move forward with the playground, noting that they like the current trail and would rather not have it blacktopped.

“Kids want to swing,” committee member Jay Van Arsdall said.

Fellow member Scott Simpson agreed.

“My kid will swing for two hours,” he said.

Simpson added that his first consideration is selecting a playground system that allows for funds to be left over for a swing set.

“The Straight Arrow (playground) is beautiful,” he said, “but I’d rather have the swings.”

Linda Kinchen, administrative supervisor, told the committee that the new playground would be placed at the park so as to not require removing any trees.

The city plans to use a solid rubber ground cover under the playground instead of mulch or sand or rubber chips.

“I like the (rubber) chips,” committee chair Joann White said, “but the kids love to throw them.”

According to city estimates, there should be enough money to pay for the playground – base included – and the swing set.

City Manager Al Minner said that if the prices change and the swing set can’t be accommodated in the budget, he’d bring the playground back to the committee for reconsideration.

Otherwise, if everything fits within the $25,000 budget, then the city will proceed with purchasing and installing the equipment.

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