TECH CHICK: Laptop vs Desktop

It’s all a matter of taste. With wireless routers getting cheaper and cheaper, it’s easy to buy a laptop and then set up your wireless router with your Internet and then you can take the laptop anywhere in your house.

Or if you work like I do on a computer all day, a PC might be best. I like laptops when I travel; it’s very convenient, though so heavy to carry! (I have an older laptop) My neighbor across the street is retired and she just bought a laptop and wireless router (yes I went with her) and she loves taking it everywhere in the house. I set my mother-in-law up with a laptop also, she loves it.

The most important thing is, make sure you buy a computer whether laptop or PC that is for your needs. I hate going to places to shop for a computer and have them try to tell you a bunch of crap just to up-sell me.

I have many times butted into a conversation with a salesperson and a potential computer buyer and told them they didn’t need all the stuff the salesman was trying to get them to buy.

This makes my husband roll his eyes. J

Do research online, I will list some of the more name brands and their websites.

With prices coming down, things like Memory and Hard Drive are easy to get cheaper than ever. So if you see a PC with 3GB Memory and 320 GB Hard drive, that is more than enough to get yourself a fast PC. Things like Video cards and Sound Cards are luxuries for people who like to play games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft. It’s not necessary for someone who just wants to use the computer for e-mail and reading the news and surfing and storing pictures.

Make a list of what is important to you and take it with you, or have it handy if you call in your order. Be firm, don’t let anybody talk you into anything you aren’t sure of.

It’s ok to say “no thank you.”

If you do end up getting a laptop, don’t forget your wireless mouse, it comes in handy if you don’t like using their touch pad setup. Laptop bags are cheap also, and they also have laptop stands that sit on your desk or even in your lap.

Make sure they have good ventilation, laptops can get very hot.

And most importantly, make sure you know what the Warranty is on your computer. Most of them are a year to two years, and I’m sure they sell additional Warranties.

These are valuable if you do not have a computer person in your life – meaning someone you can call to fix your computer for you if it breaks.

I am not a big fan of chop shops, which is a place you take to get your computer fixed. I would trust the company I bought the computer from more than taking it to a computer repair store.

I’ve fixed too many computers after they have been to one of those repair shops and I think you are more likely to get ripped off.

Sorry to say that but I have to share my observation! Don’t forget these are just my opinions and advice!

For those of you who are curious about Apple computers, I do not have a lot of experience using them. The people I know who use Apples are graphic designers and programmers.

I do not know anyone using one just for a personal computer. I even met a doctor who used one in his office and of course a printing company that had one, but I just set it up. I didn’t have to fix it.

So if you have any questions please feel free to ask, I will do research and answer as soon as I can!

Happy Computing!!!!

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