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HAVE CAMERA: Don’t jump in a crazy man’s car

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not the best driver, nor the safest. If my insurance agent is reading this of course this is all a lie, wink wink.

A USF football player recently found this out. I was out covering the arrival of the football team to Historic Dodgertown when I was leaving and a large, I’m guessing a tackle, knocked on my window. He had left his phone on one of the buses that was already on 43rd Avenue when we were sitting at Dodgertown.

I told him,”Jump in; we’ll catch’em.”

Of course if any of the deputies/police officers are reading this, we minded all the traffic laws and speed limits. I wouldn’t wanted to become the news for a phone.

When we started our chase we encountered a snag, the barricade was still up at the western entrance of Dodgertown. I’m driving a Buick, but it drives on grass all right.

When we caught up to them finally at State Road 60 and 58th Avenue I put on my hazard lights and had him jump out when we identified his bus. He was able to get his phone and jump back in my car before the light turned green.

Talk about a Chinese fire drill!

I think I got him back to Dodgertown before he was even missed. If Coach Holtz is reading this, your player was very well mannered as we sped (legally) through the streets of Vero Beach.

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