Vista Golf deeper in weeds as county plans 2nd mowing

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY – County staff is expecting to hire a contractor to mow the weeds at Vista Gardens’ golf course later next week after commissioners approved the request Tuesday.

About a dozen Vista Gardens residents attended the commissioners’ board meeting, though none publicly addressed the issue.

This latest mowing will be the second, following the initial weed cutting in October. Since then, the golf course has remained untouched and weeds have sprouted to more than 12 inches in height – the threshold for code enforcement. In September, the Board of County Commissioners agreed with staff that the weeds and overgrown grass on the golf course could become a fire hazard and public safety risk if not cut down.

The initial mowing cost the county $850, which was covered through the county’s code enforcement budget. Vista Golf LLC was then assessed the $850 and another $250 for administrative costs, which has been added to the company’s code enforcement fines.

On Jan. 5, after receiving a code enforcement complaint, county staff recorded the most recent violation.

Code Enforcement Chief Roland DeBlois told commissioners in county documents that the county could expect to spend approximately the same amount this time around.

Again, the funds would be covered in the code enforcement budget, according to county records.

Commissioner Gary Wheeler asked what the county’s chances are in recovering its costs from the mowing.

County Attorney Will Collins said that they could get their money back if Vista Golf were to sell the property for more than what its first mortgage was issued. He added that might be unlikely.

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