Families needed to host displaced Haitians

The Department of Social Services is seeking families to take in Haitians displaced by the devastating earthquake that rocked the impoverished nation nearly two weeks ago.

Haitian families are arriving daily into Orlando and have no place to stay, according to officials.

There is a need for housing of families that are arriving. Some families consist of four to eight people and might include children and seniors.

If you are able to help house these families or individuals until they can be connected with family in other States or get help with relocating, please call Robert McPartlan at(772) 708-2900.

“These families are desperate for shelter and food and most especially, someone to just reach out,” said Bud Zielinski, of St. Sebastian Catholic Church. “If you are willing to take a family for a few days or a few weeks, we would welcome your assistance!”

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