CAMERA BLOG: A Willy Wonka moment in Fellsmere

Walking around one of Fellsmere’s parks photographing the ugliness of graffiti I felt like Willy Wonka (in the original) when Charlie gave the everlasting gobstopper back to him.

This feeling came up because it was a gray gloomy day and I looked down and saw this bright yellow flower that brightened my day during a shoot that involved horrible behavior. Polar opposites like this make for great photo opportunities. Compare the yellow to the browns in the background of this photo. That is what made this worth shooting.

As I write this, I remember my second internship where I saw another scene that stands out in my mind. I was called out to a shooting and outside the crime tape there were two girls playing like nothing had happened. In this neighborhood, violence was a way of life.

Dissecting the shot:

Bright colors with a clean background

Shallow depth of field highlights the subject

Using a macro f/2.8 lens also helped cleanup and lessen the depth of field

Do you have any photos using these techniques? Share them with me by sending them to with the subject “Camera Blog.”

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