CAMERA BLOG: A squirrelly shoot

There was a saying in one of my photo classes in college, “Even a blind squirrel can find a nut.”

But can the squirrel drive a motorcycle?

Getting ready for work, loading my five bags of gear, I looked over and couldn’t believe what I saw. This squirrel was perched on a motorcycle helmet. As I hurry to switch lens and try not to get run over in the parking lot, a car slowly pulls up. Politely the driver waited until I was finished shooting and pulled into the spot next to the bike with the squirrel using it as a seat.

“At least he’s not wearing it,” said the owner of the bike.

Have you ever wondered what makes a photo a good/great shot?

Here are some of the reasons why I composed this photo this way.

Dissecting the photo (not the squirrel):

Rule of thirds: The squirrel is in the top third of the photo drawing attention to it.

Shallow depth of field: I set the aperture to the lowest my lens shot at.

Clean background: The contrast of the squirrel to the white van makes the squirrel stand out.

Interesting subject: When’s the last time you saw a squirrel on a motorcycle helmet?!?!

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