Environmental Learning Center inducts new board members

WABASSO ISLAND, Fla.   At its Annual Meeting on November 18, seven active Vero Beach residents were elected to the Environmental Learning Center (ELC) Board of Trustees and introduced to some 50 past and present ELC founders, board members, officers, and Environmental Learning Center Foundation board members.

The event, a luncheon catered in the Quail Valley Boathouse, marked the 21st anniversary of the county’s premier environmental education organization.  Among others in attendance were Alma Lee Loy, founding capital campaign co-chairperson, Dr. Richard Baker, president of the Pelican Island Audubon Society which gave birth to the ELC, and County Commission Chairman Peter O’Bryan, a prior ELC Board member. Attending from the ELC founding Board when it was incorporated in 1988 were Thomas Lockwood and Gregory Smith.

ELC Board Chairperson, Eileen Connelly, served as master of ceremonies, introducing new trustees Debbie Berghorst, Doug Graybill, Andrew Hartline, Susie Kasten, Marcia Littlejohn, Mollie Pratt and Emily Tremml.  She presented plaques to outgoing Board member Wm. King Stubbs, M.D. and former Board Chairman Chuck Pollard.

The event marks the beginning of the season for the ELC and will be followed by the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast to be held at Orchid Island on January 20, EcoFest 2010 on March 7 and The Gala on April 17, both on the ELC campus.

The Environmental Learning Center is located north of Vero Beach off County Road 510 at the western edge of the Wabasso Bridge.  Its 64-acre island campus includes exhibit areas, native plant gardens, picnic facilities, gift shop and visitor center.  A list of its many field excursions including hikes, boat excursions, nature walks and bird watching can be found at www.DiscoverELC.org.

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