CAMERA BLOG: Son of a @#*$&, should’ve brought my camera

We’ve all done it, experiencing a moment that we later thought would have made a great photo or video.

I recently experienced one of those moments on a golf course of all places.

Ric, my father-in-law, and I were playing golf on my birthday and I was watching him line up his shot when something came out of the ground three feet behind him.

If he had looked at me I’m sure he would have thought it was a gator.

When I saw it, I cocked my head like a confused puppy would.

It was a sprinkler head! The water slowly shot through his legs as he was about to strike the ball on the already rain-soaked fairway.

Eventually, after Ric figured out what was going on, he carefully stepped over the stream without getting wet. As it came toward me, I yelled out to him that he was on his own, good luck with that, as I doubled over in pain from laughing.

I’ve never laughed so hard, it was one of the best birthday gifts I had every received. If it would have come on full strength it would have been one hell of an enema.

I didn’t have one of my four still cameras, a cell phone camera, or my video camera on me. I later thought that I had just missed out on $10,000 from one of those “funniest home videos” shows.

But like my father not wanting to drive by the factory on a day off, I didn’t want to have a phone on me or any of my cameras. Photography is my passion in life, but I need to take a break from working to be fresh for the next go-round.

I know this blog didn’t do justice to the event I just described, but like the Beatles sang, ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on.

If you have had any “son of a @#*$& I forgot my camera” moments, share them in the comments or e-mail me at [email protected] you have any “son of a @#*$&”

I forgot my camera moments share them with us. One of my father’s is when he

was shooting with a Canon AE-1 film camera (It didn’t have any film in it).

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