CAMERA BLOG: Toe tags, revolvers, and travel photography

“Farewell” was the theme from the Indian River Photo Club’s September competition. It yielded two images that stuck with me, a self portrait of feet with a toe tag and a suicide note next to a bottle of alcohol and a revolver.

This was my first time at the photo club. I was impressed by the turnout, around 80 people. They announced during the meeting they are now over 200 members strong.

Next month I will be judging their photography contest. The theme is “Four.” It should be interesting to see how it is portrayed.

Wallace Weeks,, was the guest speaker. He shared over 300 of his images that he’s taken over the years as his collection of equipment lay on a table.

The one thing I took from his discussion was how to beat the airplane companies. Wallace shared that he wears a vest with equipment on him to beat the baggage fees.

He also discussed capturing the people and their culture.

So if you are a photography enthusiast, pro, amateur, or hobbyist, come on by the Vero Beach Community Center. The club meets every fourth Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.

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