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HURRICANE: Danny no direct threat to Indian River County

By Nathan McCollum | Last updated 11 a.m. ThursdayTropical Storm Danny is now moving into an area that will be a better environment for strengthening. Today, the center of Danny is somewhat exposed from the large mass of convection. The system is located approximately 400 miles east of Indian River County as it has reached Latitude 27. Overnight, the center appeared to reorganize (this is not unusual with shearing type tropical cyclones) and is now located further north than the positions yesterday. A large trough near the eastern United States and steering currents east of Bermuda continue to move Danny in a northwest direction. The models are in good agreement over the next 48 hours and there is nothing to suggest a direct threat to Florida. The location of Tropical Storm Danny is Latitude 27.5N – Longitude 73.1W or about 320 miles northeast of Nassau. Danny has sustained winds of 60mph and tropical storm force winds extend 205 miles from the center (mainly on the east side) with a pressure of 1006mb.

The visible satellite picture below shows an exposed center of circulation. Click image to enlarge.The eastern convection area is intensifying and a wrapping on the northern quadrant appears to be developing. This would indicate that further strengthening is likely as Danny moves north. The attached water vapor picture shows a trough over the eastern United States. This will keep Danny away from Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Areas north of North Carolina should monitor this system closely as the trough will not extend far enough to move Danny back out to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

For Indian River County and Florida, Danny is no direct threat. Indirectly, waves and rough seas will occur over the next 48 hours as Danny provides the same sea surface energy as Hurricane Bill did last week. If you have travel plans to the northeast United States or the New England area, please verify your routes and monitor this storm closely. Watches for the northeast United States could be issued Friday.

Because there is no threat to Indian River County, this will be the last advisory on Tropical Storm Danny.

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