UPDATE: Another ‘body’ sighted in ocean may also have been swimmer

VERO BEACH — At about 7:30 p.m. Friday, Indian River Sheriff’s Office deputies and a helicopter responded for the second time today to a call about a “body” supposedly seen in the ocean about 70 feet offshore near the 5000 block of Highway A1A in Vero Beach.Fire Rescue personnel were called to stand by with a boat to recover a body if found, but neither the helicopter nor deputies who launched their search from Jaycee Park could find anything except some pelicans. They scanned the waters as far north as the 5700 block of A1A and cleared the call after nothing was found. The “body” was reportedly moving southward, but deputies said on the police scanner that with the wind and wave action, a body would have been drifting northward — so whatever was in the water must have been swimming.Earlier today, authorities responding to a call of a “body” seen in the ocean in the same area found a female swimmer who was very much alive. The swimmer was reported to live in a nearby condominium.

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