4 cases of Swine flu found at Life for Youth Camp

COUNTY — After four cases of swine flu were confirmed at The Life for Youth Camp, the center is open and ready for business as usual, according to Camp Director Sherri Stevens. “We believe we’ve gotten rid of it,” Stevens said. She is waiting for a call back from the Indian River County Health Department to confirm that there have been no other swine flu cases this week. Maureen Feaster, a registered nurse with the health department, said that the camp had four confirmed cases and two “highly suspected” cases of swine flu. The department has also logged another 20 Influenza Type A cases, which, according to Feaster, turn out to be the H1N1 swine flu virus 90 percent of the time.The camp began noticing suspected cases last week and the week before, Stevens said, adding that officials then contacted the health department.In June, the department sent letters to all camps in the county alerting them to the potential for swine flu and how to identify and control it.Cabins have been sanitized and all common areas – along with door knobs, chairs and other shared items – have been cleaned, too.Sick campers had been quarantined and sent home, Stevens said.This week, more than 400 children were registered at the camp – 200 resident campers and more than 200 day campers, according to Stevens.Michele Kiesel, the director of nursing at the health department, said that anyone who thinks they may have influenza-like symptoms should call their doctor and separate themselves from others.The department recommends that all people cover their mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth at all other times, frequently wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer, and stay home when feeling sick.

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