Harry Potter fans gather for midnight magic at Majestic 11

VERO BEACH — More than 600 people gathered at the Majestic 11 cinema just before midnight Wednesday, to be some of the first to see the latest installment of the Harry Potter series – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Anne Caprilla, a manager at the Majestic, said the theatre had sold approximately 600 tickets in advance of the movie’s release and that the cinema expected to show the 12:01 a.m. blockbuster on at least four screens. Lines formed outside the auditoriums at least 1 1/2 hours before the movie started. Among the first to arrive were colleagues Danielle Zimmerman, Jane Saubert and Lucy Scheidt, all of Vero Beach.The women decided to attend the midnight screening because they’re Harry Potter fans, and “because we’re crazy!” Zimmerman said. Of the three women, Zimmerman was the only one not dressed as a Potter character.”I’m the grown up here,” she said.Saubert dressed as a Ravenclaw student, while Scheidt dressed as her favorite character, Nymphadora Tonks, complete with cotton candy pink hair and a black studded choker.Scheidt said they were able to stay up to watch the movie and drive home due to massive amounts of Jolt Cola and Mountain Dew.Caprilla said that a midnight showing had to be done for Harry Potter – “of course, it’s Harry Potter!””It’s definitely worth having the people come and be dressed up,” she added. And, as for Caprilla, Ron Weasley and Rubeus Hagrid are her all time favorites.

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