BLOG: Walk quietly and carry a flash during the day

The sun is beating down on you and your family and all you want is a nice photo to capture the fun that they are having. When you get your files back to your computer (because it’s too bright to see them on your LCD) they’re dark to the point it’s not worth wasting the ink. There’s a simple solution.Use your flash during the day!A flash is not just for low-light situations. It can be used to even out the bright sunlight on the water and your Saturday activities. I won’t presume to tell you how to set your flash. Just look under “fill flash” in your camera or flash manual. If you have a DSLR, your pop up flash will do the job as well. Setting the camera to output +2.3 or even +3 stops should do the trick in bright sunlight if the subject is backlit. Happy flashing (only referring to your camera).


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